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Myopia Control

 ​​Our Sight Control treatment program represents a new approach to managing short-sightedness (myopia).  ​In the past, and is still the case at the majority of regular optometrists, the main method of correcting short-sightedness in children and teenagers has been with glasses, with little or no attempt at slowing the rate of eyesight deterioration in these children while their short-sightedness progressed year by year, and their lenses got stronger and thicker at each visit. Meanwhile, with their increasing level of short-sightedness and growth of their eyeball, the risk to the child's long-term eye health is also increasing each year.

At WellVision Eyecare in kingston, our experienced Optometrist take a proactive approach in controlling childhood myopia. By prescribing treatments to prevent and delay the onset of myopia, and slowing the rate of myopia progression in short-sighted children and teenagers, we reduce the risk of potential myopia-related vision loss in these children's lifetime. So that they can enjoy better vision and the confidence of healthier eyes for the rest of their lives.  Same day appointments available!

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